Looking for a tangible way to serve your neighbor? GRACE is asking for volunteers to help move a local senior from one Grapevine unit to another.

Despite minimal furniture in her one-bedroom home, this senior is physically and financially unable to relocated on her own.

Transportation is needed to move the resident approximately two blocks. This is an ideal service opportunity for a family, scout troop or small group.

The moving date is next Saturday, August 19.

Contact Volunteer Manager, Lara Hohweiler.


Friends & Family is a network of faith groups, community partners, civic groups, service organizations and individual volunteers that work together to improve the quality of life for displaced and immobile seniors in our community.

Inspired to serve?

GRACE loves these seniors, and so do the volunteers who get involved in their lives through GRACE! Contact Maryann Waddell to answer any questions and see what might be a good service opportunity for you.