We are humbled to have seen the generous response to our Red Letter Alert regarding our Food Pantry supplies emergency.  We would like to take this time to thank each and everyone who has taken action, donated, helped spread our message and prayed!

No less than five minutes after our Red Letter went out last Friday, we had GRACE Family Members creating fundraiser events online; businesses, organizations and individuals sharing, messaging, retweeting and liking our posts; people who went immediately out of their way to purchase items from our needs list, showing up as soon as possible with the goods; caring supporters who clicked that “donate now” link to give monetary gifts and more.

Each and every food item and dollar contributed is greatly needed and used effectively and efficiently to help the many families who come to GRACE for help.  Each and every day is one of the 365 days of the year that we rely on your generosity to propel our purpose!

GRACE Food Pantry Manager, Rusty Thigpen, and Assistant Manager, Keith Hills, among many others, have been increasingly concerned as our Pantry supplies and “backstock” (that we acquire each year throughout the holiday season) dwindled until items became alarmingly low and out-of-stock.  We do not use the term emergency lightly around here.

“Thank you, GRACE Family, for taking the time to read our Red Letter Alert.  This is an enormous team effort of the Northeast Tarrant area, and we cannot express how much we appreciate your support during this slow time.  Your response was incredible!  Not enough can be said about all of the volunteers who show up for Grocery Giveaway and all of it.  Thank you to Shonda for sending out our call for help.”    – Rusty Thigpen, GRACE Food Pantry Manager

“Absolutely Amazing!!!”    – Keith Hills, GRACE Food Pantry Assistant Manager

GRACE depends on loyal donors to carry out our mission to provide assistance to individuals and families in crisis and guidance towards self-sufficiency.  We are humbled and grateful to have your help!

To view our most current Food Pantry needs list click here.

If you’ve not yet had a chance to make a donation and would like to contribute, please click here.


Take a look at these beautifully fully stocked Food Pantry shelves!