Maybe you’ve heard stories of the elevated entertainment the annual GRACE Poker Tournament promises, but the idea of playing yourself keeps you from pulling the trigger. If so, GRACE invites you to enjoy high class without high stakes!

For the very first time, GRACE is offering for those who would prefer not to play in the tournament to be a part of the event gallery! As a member of the gallery, you are welcome to enjoy the food, the drinks, try your hand at various casino games, take a lesson in poker to prepare for next year, or just relax and watch the tournament unfold.

Available for $100, get your ticket to for an exclusive look at the first of GRACE’s annual events! With the tournament just a week away, the room is almost full, so secure your spot while you still can.

Your support of and participation in this or any of GRACE’s annual fundraising events help GRACE bring stability to households in our community facing hardship and allow us to provide the resources most needed by these individuals and families as they begin their path toward self-sufficiency.

In the last fiscal year, your support helped provide relief to over 10,300 individuals who came to our doors in desperate need of assistance through varying difficulties. We all have felt the pressure of an inconsistent economy over the past few years, but the pressure is felt even more by our neighbors who were already struggling to make ends meet.

The need persists, but with your help, GRACE remains available to provide assistance, hope, and guidance.

To attend the 6th Annual GRACE Poker Tournament and support GRACE programs, please purchase a ticket by clicking here.

If you’re interested in sponsoring this or another upcoming GRACE event, please reach out to Mark Woolverton at For general questions on Poker or any GRACE events, please reach out to