Our hearts our filled by the generosity the Janning family. The Janning Family Foundation was established to foster planned giving from generation to generation.

Grantors Elizabeth and Jason Jennings explained that Jason’s father established the fund so that his children and grandchildren can embark on a journey to give to local causes that matter most to them.

Once a family member reaches the age of 12, he or she becomes a stakeholder and contributes research and feedback on the organizations they wish to support. This year GRACE was awarded $10,000 to fund GRACE programs for local families.

“We’re especially touched that this family is instilling intentional, personal giving at such a young age,” says Executive Director Shonda Schaefer. “What a unique legacy to know that your family gives the opportunity for another family to overcome obstacles and continue their own legacy.”

Elizabeth Janning has volunteered behind the scenes at the Clothing Room to organize the clothing and interact with families.

Thanks to this generous foundation for reminding us the importance of family cohesion.