It is truly the fact that such a supportive community surrounds GRACE that we are able to step into the story of our clients at their most vulnerable, and empower them through compassionate assistance and hopeful guidance. Our story from February is of a woman who came to GRACE looking for just this type of empowerment.

She and her husband moved to Texas looking to begin again now that all of their children were adults. Her hope was that the abuse would end with the change of circumstances, but this hope was quickly dashed after another physical altercation occurred after only a short time in our state. She finally decided to walk away from the abuse, and her marriage, of over 25 years.

Due to her spouse’s controlling nature, she was unable to develop relationships or generate resources for herself. She had to summon all of her courage to walk away because not only did she walk away; she was walking away with nothing.

Then she found GRACE.

Upon coming to GRACE, she connected with one of our Care Managers who immediately saw the need and linked her with our partner One Safe Place, who promptly assessed her situation and prepared a path to safety for her that same day. GRACE assisted as she began her journey by providing an overnight stay for her and a family member who came to support her life-changing choice, as well as enough resources to provide gas and food to get her to her chosen final destination.

GRACE is thrilled to report that she has since called to inform us that she made it safely, and has even begun a new job! She also shared with her Care Manager how thankful she was for GRACE. She was alone and had lost all hope, until she found GRACE.

This account is not unique to the GRACE story. Even though we are not a domestic violence service agency, we often identify and support individuals reaching out to us for help as they seek safety for themselves, and their children.

GRACE care managers never know the stories that will walk into their offices day to day, but knowing that they have the support of a generous community, partner agencies who hold special expertise, and seasoned leadership gives them the tools necessary to inspire confidence in our clients as they begin their journey towards self-sufficiency…whatever that journey may looks like.

If you are someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please reach out to GRACE staff or call our partner agency One Safe Place directly at 817-916-4323 to get help.