In today’s world, many of us look for a job that will mean more to us than just a paycheck. The majority of us spend more time with our coworkers than we do with friends and family. The corporate world has evolved into becoming much more than just a way to make a living.

Many companies now offer some form of paid time off for volunteer opportunities. If your company has not yet developed their own program for Corporate Social Responsibility, here are some reasons why you should consider establishing one that includes volunteer opportunities for your employees:

  1. Improved collaboration and Team Building. Volunteer opportunities are a great way to strengthen trust and for employees to work together on a common goal.
  2. Greater self-awareness. When you help others, you learn a lot about yourself. This directly affects the way you handle decision-making, coordination and conflict management.
  3. Impact on Revenue. Far beyond feeling good, employees who participate in volunteering programs through their company often become more engaged in their daily work, and this directly impacts the bottom line.
  4. New Generation Values. Younger employees cite organization values, along with opportunities for personal growth and development, as top consideration items when searching for a new job.
  5. Non taxable benefits to the employee. Many employers are now offering matching donations, grants for organizations where their employees volunteer, and as mentioned, paid time off to volunteer.
  6. Great PR. Being associated with an organization that helps the community, such as GRACE, will always come with the added bonus of wonderful PR for your company. While this is certainly not the reason to help, it is a great added perk!

There are many ways in which companies can assist GRACE. Whether it be sponsoring an event or organizing your very own Volunteer Day at one of our locations, we can help you on your way to developing your very own program for your company to give back to the community. If your company already has an established program, we would welcome the opportunity to involve GRACE in your contributions, whether financial, with your time and effort, or both.

For event sponsorship and donation opportunities, please contact Mark Woolverton.

For volunteer opportunities, please contact Lara Hohweiler.