After crushing summer heat, it’s finally time to enjoy the great outdoors and what better way to do that than at the GRACE Community Garden!

This Saturday is Early Fall Tending day. Participants will plant winter squash, which does well in the fall weather; that squash will go in the pantry once harvested. Some of the other plots that will be worked include the sweet potatoes that were planted in May and need to be harvested.  

Led by Caryn Hutchinson, who has been with the GRACE Community Garden for 12 years, Garden Days are a great way to give back to the community and for those new to gardening, a wonderful opportunity to learn.

“Volunteers do not need to be gardeners, we demonstrate and teach as we go,” said Caryn, who began her gardening career as a 12-year-old.

“Our GRACE Garden simply provides the blessing of fresh, wholesome food to the plates of those who need the assistance… all of us have passed through a time when we needed a bit of help. We have been moved by the response of the community volunteering in the Garden; they find joy, as I do, in planting, growing, and reaping beautiful, organically grown produce for this mission.”

Caryn joked that the Garden is known to grow ‘prize weeds’ as well as delicious produce so be prepared to help with fertilizing and mulching with biodegradable mulches, which slowly break down and enrich the soil because all plants adore great soil!

We are always in need of volunteers for this fun and rewarding activity so even if you’re new to gardening – sign up, make friends and enjoy helping provide nutritious food for our community.

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