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GRACE CLinic Volunteer Frank Roberson, LPC

During times of crisis, resources and recognition tend to be given to the direct physical and financial needs of individuals. One main area that is not always given a spotlight during these times is their mental well being. Mental health care is essential during these times as anxiety and depression rise as people are trying to adjust to a new normal.

Frank Roberson, LPC, has been a volunteer mental health counselor for GRACE for the past 11 years, after retiring from a 30-year career as a metroplex home builder to follow God’s call into full-time ministry. He currently serves as the Pastor to Senior Adults, Staff Counselor, and oversees the Benevolence Ministry for First Baptist Grapevine.

“When I came on staff at First Baptist Grapevine, I knew early on that part of my ministry would be involved in working with GRACE in some capacity. I recognized the value in the relationship the GRACE had forged with the local churches, and I wanted to do whatever I could to make that relationship even stronger!” – Frank Roberson, LPC

His journey with GRACE stared once he became a fully licensed professional counselor in 2009, first through the Life Enrichment Center at FBC Grapevine, and then through the GRACE Clinic, in which he currently works on Monday afternoons.

“I tell people all the time that the work I do a GRACE is some of the most rewarding counseling work that I do, because of the unique population that I get to provide services for. People who might not otherwise be able to afford therapy, but by providing them the opportunity to receive help, respond so enthusiastically to it, and because of their willingness to do the work of counseling, improve their situations pretty quickly.” – Frank Roberson, LPC  

Frank’s specialties include individual, marriage and family, vocational, premarital, and adolescent counseling. With the proof of improved family dynamics and even physical health, it highlights the importance of mental health care.

“ I truly believe that families are together today, and are happy and growing together, because of the work we do at the GRACE Clinic. The enjoyment of working with all of the GRACE staff, building friendships and collaborations with them, and watching our community get stronger together. Whether it’s praying a blessing over a new Transitional Housing move-in, delivering bread and donations to the pantry, or counseling at the clinic, I plan to hang around GRACE as long as they will let me!” – Frank Roberson, LPC