It’s been said we live in a “graceless age”. I doubt very many of us would agree. Still, we just said “goodbye” to a year that seemed to fit the term perfectly.

Yet, throughout 2020 we were witness to countless acts of grace—kindness, gentleness, generosity, selflessness, humanity. It so happened these acts rarely made the headlines or lead stories.

Grace is a manner of behavior. It’s a way we act, and how we treat others. It’s the self-confidence to understand, in the middle of a deafening roar of media battles and insulting arrogance, that we will only know peace when we know Him.

Here, there is grace in those who rally around a cause like the GRACE mission—keeping communities strong and families safe. A “graceless age”? Not at all.

If you have noticed the “Choose GRACE” signs in your neighbors’ front lawns, you have witnessed something very special: your friends have chosen to make their life better by making others’ lives better.

In Sunday school we learned grace was a gift from God. And it is. It is also an awareness that we, as thoughtful people, are capable of choosing one behavior over another.

“Choose GRACE” lets others know that you have made your choice. We would love our friends to carpet all North Tarrant with “Choose GRACE” signs and show the spirit, civility and unity of our communities.

Funds from the sale of “Choose GRACE” signs support the services and programs of GRACE, keeping families healthy and safe.

Start 2021 with a gift of $500 or more, and GRACE volunteers will deliver a “Choose GRACE” sign to your home. To make a gift, click DONATION or send your check to the GRACE Main Office at 837 East Walnut Street in Grapevine.