An unbelievable act of kindness for a group of unbelievably hard workers makes for a wonderful example of community and the power of caring for others.

Jason Ridley of Jason Ridley Agency was recently at a meeting where our CEO Shonda Schaefer explained the hard work that our Client Services Department was engaged in. For those that aren’t familiar, our Client Services Team work to help intake and navigate GRACE and all the services that are available to our clients. The CS Team are normally the first interaction clients have with the organization and serve as both friend and case worker to those who come to GRACE in need. This last year has been especially busy for Client Services with nearly double the workload since COVID-19 ravaged our community.

The long hours and hard work these amazing individuals are enduring gave Jason an idea…an act of kindness and generosity as a way to recognize them, to say thanks, and to hopefully take time for themselves.

“We understand how hard they’re working and as a result of that we wanted to give them something to help them relax and decompress,” Jason said. 

Mr. Ridley got his team and family involved working on a basket of goodies, he then started contacting others in the community resulting in a once in a lifetime gift basket…Erica Mesa with Trusted ER donated a plush blanket, Tina Michels with Massage Envy Colleyville donated a free one hour massage, Rachel Williams of Colleyville Florist provided a certificate for a floral arrangement, Mary Kay’s Erica Cassimere donated Satin Hands… Jason added bath bombs, candies, a bottle of wine, socks, candles, body creams, and to top it off an entire pie from Buttermilk Sky Pie Colleyville.  

“It’s shocking how many people are going through hard times…GRACE is essential for our community,” Jason exclaimed. 
“I couldn’t be more thankful to have an organization like GRACE in our lives.” 

It’s an unbelievable and well-earned treasure trove of gifts for a very deserving group of people we are proud to have representing GRACE. Thank you, Client Services for all your hard work and thank you Jason Ridley and everyone else who made this kind act of graceful generosity possible.