Through the donation of a car from a very generous donor, a partnership with Compass Church and commitment from our GRACE staff, a single mother drove away from GRACE this week with the freedom she had not experienced in a very long time.  After a number of setbacks, this mother found herself homeless, without a vehicle and without a job.  Through her determination and the help of GRACE and Compass Church, she has been able to secure employment and get her son settled in school, however transportation and housing were still an issue.

This single mother was staying in a temporary housing situation, because it allowed her closer access to her child’s school and other resources.  With secured employment, housing options were looking more promising, but not without the ability to transport her and her son to school and work.  Now that barrier, a real obstacle for MANY families in North Texas, has been lifted.

She reached out to her case worker explaining her deep appreciation:

“…We got in safe and sound and just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to GRACE and Compass Church for this gift. A huge burden has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I am rejoicing for the new things yet to unfold. Kindly extend this message to all who were involved in bringing this gift to my doorstep. God bless.”

It only felt appropriate to share this story, because no gift big or small is possible without our donors and volunteers. To some it might sound cliché or repetitive, but we will never grow tired of saying it! Thank you from all those who work at GRACE for allowing us to provide the resources our clients need on a daily basis. Cheers to things “yet to unfold”!