If you’ve already gone online and made a gift to 24 Hours of GRACE, thank you. If not, please take some time now and click to GIVE.

Last year, more than 5,000 people turned to GRACE because they had nowhere else to turn. They were ready to give up. But gifts to 24 Hours of GRACE helped ease their worries and get them back on their feet.

Please take a moment to help ease the worries of those who will come through GRACE’s doors in the coming weeks and months.

Your gift to 24 Hours of GRACE helps provide thousands with rent, utilities, transportation/gas, school supplies, health care, medications, clothing, food, furniture, financial education, tax assistance. Christmas gifts, baby formula, diapers and so much more!

Your gift to GRACE gives peace of mind to worried moms and dads who are wondering how to feed their families; it gives faith to a mother struggling with a serious illness; it gives courage to dad who was recently laid off.

THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT: We encourage you to guide others to join you.  Please forward our appeal to a friend, a family member and others you care about. Tell them this is something you believe in.

Let them know about the impact of the GRACE mission and ask them to also share their generosity with those who need help.

Please let them know you have made a difference in the lives of thousands, and that you would like them to also GIVE.