Last week Officer Page of the Southlake DPS was dispatched on a 911 call regarding a suspicious vehicle parked behind a Southlake pharmacy. After investigating, he found a person in crisis, who just had their three dogs impounded. The person and dogs had been living in the vehicle, and needless to say, it was in less than pristine condition.

Officer Page contacted the Southlake Police and Fire Community teams and they reached out to GRACE as their community partner, to help out. GRACE provided the person with clothes, food and shoes. Another local non-profit provided toiletries and the Ellis County SPCA put a hold on the dogs to prevent them being adopted or sent somewhere else. Speedy Bee Southlake donated a full detail on the car to clean it up.

This story is a perfect example of how a community working together can truly make a difference. The very origins of GRACE come from that need to collaborate to provide assistance when it is needed. We are proud to work with our community partners and congratulate the efforts of Officer Page and the Southlake DPS!