Many men and women who have come to GRACE needing help have successfully completed our program because someone cared enough to reach out and let them know there was a place where they could find relief.

Recently GRACE was contacted about several people in the community who are in obvious need of our services. Those needing help had been approached by the concerned citizens and were told to go to GRACE to get that help they so desperately needed.

And yet those individuals are still out there in our community today, still homeless without shelter.

GRACE is a haven for individuals looking to improve their lives through goal setting. Our assistance goes hand-in-hand with education and training to guide clients toward self-sufficiency for stronger family units.

However our services are voluntary and permission-based, and if they choose not to ask for guidance, then we cannot force them to accept our assistance.

But here is what you can do if an individual who does not want to visit GRACE or any other similar organization:

1.) Familiarize yourself with GRACE and what programs we have to offer. We have informational Emergency Cards that explain what services we provide, as well as resources that we can connect them with. GRACE has these located at the Main Office, and you can take as many as you would like, so you can pass out if the need ever arises. These cards also have emergency numbers on them.

2.) Create an Emergency Care Package: A backpack full of mittens, warm socks, a blanket, and hygiene products can get someone through the night and let them know you care.

3.) Food: A grocery bag with essentials such as water, granola bars, or any other food items can make a world of difference.

4.) Prayer: Pray with your friends and family for these individuals and that their physical needs are met. And most important pray that they find the help they need at a time when they are ready.

We thank you so much for wanting to help these individuals and for contacting us to help them as well. We pray that one day they or anyone else needing services will accept our help so we can lead them on the path to self-sufficiency.

If you have questions or concerns about those out in our community, or about any of the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact our Client Services Manager Marcela Melendez at 817-305-4632.