Do you ever wonder how volunteering benefits GRACE? By donating time, you are directly saving resources for our organization. Every hour that you give to our community through volunteerism is an hour that the community gains back in real dollars. Those dollars (rated at $25.43/hr) can then be spent in other ways that serve and better the community.

We love our volunteers so much and we always want to add to the GRACE Family! Before volunteering, we do ask that our volunteers attend orientation and pass a background check. GRACE Volunteer Orientations are every other Tuesday at 4pm. Those dates can be found HERE .

Some of the volunteer opportunities needed at GRACE Main are in two locations:

Client Services: This is the primary entry for our clients who are faced with financial challenges due to an emergency or who are low-income. Our staff in this program help clients with financial services like rent and utilities.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Deliver rent checks to local apartment complexes- GRACE provides financial assistance to some clients with rent. These checks have to be hand-delivered to the apartment offices. This volunteer opportunity would be the first week of the month and will take a day or two.
  • Front Desk- Help answer phone calls and check-in clients in the waiting room
  • Data Entry: We have multiple shifts available for this.

Food Pantry: The Client Choice Food Pantry provides perishable and non-perishable food to individuals and families. GRACE tries to meet the cultural and dietary needs of all of our households that come through the Pantry.

Volunteer Opportunities here are usually a weekly commitment:

  • Monday: Tom Thumb (Park) bread and sweets
  • Tuesday: Tom Thumb (Park) bread and sweets
    • 12-3 Pantry Volunteer Full Time
  • Thursday: Tom Thumb (Park) bread and sweets
    • 3-5 Pantry Volunteer Full Time
  • Friday: 12-3 Pantry Volunteer Full Time, 3-5 Pantry Volunteer Full Time

If you are interested in any of these shifts, or volunteering at one of our Resale sights, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Armand at