Last week we had two new families move into our Transitional Housing program, which is always celebrated with a home blessing.

We are appreciative of the partnership we have with Catholic Charities, Good Shepherd and White’s Chapel. We have had tremendous support from them. White’s Chapel finished each of these apartment’s furnishings, complete with stocked cabinets and close attention to detail including family friendly pictures on the wall promoting love and faith.

Catholic Charities and Good Shepherd have offered their support through case management, counseling and finances. The Grapevine Police Department had a presence at both home blessings including the new Chief of Police, Mike Hamlin. They spent some time talking to each family about their commitment to help them live in a safe environment which allows them to focus their energy on the goals of the program and their ability to move towards self-sufficiency.

Also present were community partners, staff, GRACE board members, volunteers, and the churches who have been a major part in preparing for the move-ins of both of these families. Both single moms are already employed and are highly motivated to reach the goals they will set along with their case managers.

As you know many of the individuals and families that we serve come to us from very traumatic backgrounds and their history is not always the easiest to share. We respect their privacy so we will keep the details from these families confidential. Please know that each of these single mothers are driven and motivated to provide the best, safe and stable environments for their children. We are happy to welcome them to our family and support them on their journeys to self-sufficiency.