Last week the Grapevine Police department had the chance to give a tour to *Lauren and her three boys.  What the family thought would be a quick walk through of the building turned into  a two hour tour of the new Grapevine Public Safety Building.

The three middle school age sons were able to visit every department including investigations, forensics and the juvenile facility. The highlight of their tour was riding in the car with the sirens and climbing into the swat truck. Youngest son *Justin was thrilled the most, as he aspires to be a Police Officer himself one day.

The Grapevine Police Department has long been strong allies with GRACE to protect our families from high-risk situations over the years. The department’s close proximity to our Transitional Housing program not only gives the residents and enhanced sense of safety, the police officers have made it their priority to get to know these families on a personal level and extend their professionalism wherever it is needed.

GRACE Transitional Housing program has proven to be an effective model for moving families in domestic violence situations toward safety and self-sufficiency.  The program provides safe, clean, and stable housing for up to two years with in-depth case management that is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual client.  It is our greatest hope to guide each individual toward independence as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We are so grateful to the Grapevine Police Department for showing our clients the Public Safety Building and also for showing them that they are well protected.




*Name changed to preserve identity