The Kathee Livengood Memorial Scholarship Fund is an integral part of the Grapevine Chamber Foundation. The scholarship program aims to provide financial assistance to women that need assistance in order to further their education and provide a better future for themselves and their children.

Kathee Livengood was a successful Realtor but found the time to belong to, or support, almost every civic organization and “cause” in Grapevine. Over the years, her passion for helping people was instrumental in raising thousands of dollars through the Grapevine Chamber Women’s Division and other organizations in order to assist the elderly and children through community programs such as GRACE.

GRACE Transitional Housing resident, Dominique, has received scholarship assistance through the Kathee Livengood Memorial as she works towards her Associates Degree in Logistics Management. At last week’s Women’s Division luncheon, Dominique courageously volunteered to give a testament of her journey through the GRACE program, including her educational success and goals. Thanks to the support of the community and Kathee Livengood’s legacy, Dominique is on track to graduate with her Associates and reach her ultimate goal of providing others with the same support that she was given in times of need.