In our line of work, there is no shortage of stories – sweet, encouraging, tragic, triumphant.  Stories of loss.  Stories of picking up the pieces.  Stories of sharing the one sandwich you have with another, turning that one sandwich into two.  Stories of lifting up others.  Stories of overcoming the gloomiest of days.

As a GRACE family, we love sharing these stories with one another.  We never take for granted the awesome ways we see, hear, and are able ourselves to impart some of the grace we receive into the lives of others.  There is always so much to give even when it appears there is none left to give.  And there is always an abundance to receive at GRACE where others are standing-by, ready to lift each other up in deed, spirit and prayer.

Our story today is short but oh so sweet.  Last week we received a receipt from an online donation, which is, of course, a common occurrence.  What touched our hearts was the subject line “My donation is in honor of.”  This donation was made in honor of “the sweet woman who paid for my gas today.”

Now that is paying it forward!  We are so blessed to live among such kind people in our community.  It is a privilege to serve alongside you, GRACE Family.  Thank you for showing us how you serve in love for one another!

If you would like to share a touching, uplifting or praiseworthy GRACE experience with your GRACE family, please do not hesitate to share.  We love to hear them all!  Please contact our Marketing and Communications Manager, Lindsay Williford.