Photo Jun 15, 11 47 05 AM.jpgEvery weekday this summer, and for the past 10 summers, Rosa has volunteered to hand out lunches for Feed Our Kids. Because of layout of the mobile park where her home is located, it is impossible to set up a Feed Our Kids site to serve the residents of that community. So instead, lunches are delivered to Rosa’s house by different groups and children come to her house to get their lunch.

“We are very grateful for the people who donate to feed the children, I don’t know of any other place where people help other people like this”, she says.

Volunteers prepare and deliver food for 40 children at Rosa’s home. She is committed to handing out the food every day Monday through Friday. The children know the food is coming, and sometimes they are already waiting before the delivery comes. Her daughter Janet sometimes helps out hand out the food.

“This site is easier for smaller groups or individuals who want to help but don’t have the means for serving a larger group or can’t commit to having a group of people handing out food. This site only involves meal prep and delivery, as opposed to serving the meals, which can be difficult for some, and it’s a smaller group” says Lori Stevens, the GRACE Seasonal Programs Manager. The GRACE Feed Our Kids program is 100% volunteer-run, with the exception of Lori, who oversees the entire operation.

Partnering with Feed Our Kids is ideal for local businesses, civic groups and churches to invest in the community in an engaging way.

For as little as $2 per child, businesses can commit to adopting a day or workweek as meal hosts. Groups also have the option of sponsoring the meals for other groups to host.

In addition to Rosa’s home, Feed Our Kids is held at five different sites in the area. This week marks the second week of the program, and approximately 3,386 meals were served between Monday and Friday to children who during the school year are on free or reduced lunches, but are left to their own devices during the summer months when school is not in session.

“Each of the estimated 37,000 meals served this summer means security for a child vulnerable to hunger that day,” says Seasonal Program Coordinator Lori Stevens. “Partnerships with local businesses and restaurants are crucial elements that afford us the ability to provide for each and every child in need.”

Depending on the site and type of meal, the average cost each day ranges between $100 and $500 to feed between 40-200 children. Groups are encouraged to bring games and engage with the children, though not required.

If you are interested in a sponsoring meals or volunteering, contact Lori Stevens.

A special thanks to NCL Southlake, NCL DFW Metroport, White’s Chapel United Methodist Church, First Baptist Southlake, and Randy White Real Estate Services for serving during the second week of Feed Our Kids!Photo Jun 15, 11 27 45 AM.jpg

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