Drive Into the Night has been a magical event: dozens of golf carts set sail into the darkness to all corners of the Grapevine Golf Course. The moon had been full. The moon has been new. The weather has always been changeable.

What hasn’t changed is the perfect condition of Grapevine Golf Course (GGC), the excellent organization of the tournament, the exceptional service, and the safety precautions that keeps everyone injury-free and above water.

The two men responsible for these functions of the tournament, and so many other aspects of the course and the event, are GGC Course Director of Golf Russell Pulley, PGA, and Robert Singletary, PGA, head golf professional.

Together they ensure a well-run, and fun event for all players and guests.

Drive Into the Night takes place on the Pecan and Mockingbird Courses. GGC has a third nine—the Bluebonnet Course—but it is not available for nighttime golf—just too many hills, high banked turns, and water to be safe.

Time of play is essential. Players get to the tee boxes, play a round, and return for a fantastic after-party, usually within the span of two hours.

Russell and Robert redesign the course each year to shorten the longer holes but still keep the challenge of playing golf at night. Most holes would play as Par 3s if the golfers used regular golf balls. Nighttime golfers are limited to clear plastic balls, cored through to fit a glow stick.

Russell and Robert have designed a great feature for this year’s event: Nearly all holes will be staked for a closest to the pin contest, and there will be eight winners on each course. The other two holes—one on Pecan and one on Mockingbird will be the long drive holes.

Russell and Robert have made one concession to the Drive Into the Night players: Most players will bring their favorite music and crank their playlists to the delight of all—behavior usually frowned upon during the day.

There is still time to sign up and see what Russell and Robert have in store this year. Contact Mark Woolverton or Lori Stevens to get details and secure your spot today!

Drive Into the Night will take place on Friday, April 20 at the Grapevine Golf Course. For more information please visit our website.