Framing is up at what will become the new GRACE Main! Construction is running on schedule for the building which will house our services under one roof, allowing us to better serve our community.

Our staff toured the project and wrote scripture and messages on the framing, praying for God’s protection and guidance for all who come through our doors to receive help, work, volunteer or donate.

After the April 2018 fire that affected the Community Clinic and Food Pantry, which is adjacent to the building currently underway, the scope of the project grew considerably, but thanks to our supporters and partners, our spirits have not waned. While we continue to raise funds for relief after tragedy struck, our confidence in God’s plan remains.



GRACE provides a continuum of care comprised of emergency assistance to overcome crises, supplies of food and clothing, medical treatment and prescriptions, senior services, programs for children and sheltering assistance.

A strong referral network has developed that allows GRACE to partner with agencies that assist GRACE clients, but require clients to travel to their offices for counseling and support.

As we have grown, the operations of the GRACE Clinic and Food Pantry were established in the Walnut Street location while Client Services, Emergency Assistance, Clothing Room, Senior Services and others were housed at GRACE Main on Shady Brook Drive.

We witness our clients struggle with lack of transportation. Shared rides, bicycling and walking are the norm. Often, too, one spouse will drop the other off in the early morning and head to work, only to return at lunch or late in the day.

Many clients sacrifice work hours to visit GRACE sites only adding to the problem of limited income.

Many GRACE families are headed by a single parent. Most work for hourly wages and, often paid leave is not available. An hour spent outside of work is one less hour of pay, and dollars taken from the family’s meager weekly budget.

The plan is to return  to the original concept envisioned by GRACE founders who established one place where those in need could go for help.

Multiple visits will be minimized, along with the time and transportation concerns. New spaces have been designed with future use, and the volume of increasing client populatio in mind.

Spaces will be available to serve clients’ needs for privacy and educational support. Essential meeting rooms for casework, classes, support groups, youth groups and others will be designed into the renovation and new construction.

An important way in which we serve our community is through making our facilities available to community and service agencies, providing space for our collaborative partners. Service agencies, community groups, and other service providers can provide services on site to GRACE clients.

The Rooted In GRACE capital campaign to fund the phases of this important project continues to be underway. If you would like more detailed information, please visit the Rooted In GRACE website here, or contact Mark Woolverton.

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