Pippy Bech (right) pictured with Terri Haun, GRACEful Buys Manager – Grapevine.


Miss Priscilla Bech, an eight year old home-school student nicknamed “Pippy,” stopped by GRACEful Buys Grapevine on Wednesday with a very special gift for GRACE. Enthusiastic with the Dallas Cowboys’ win at the NFC Wild Card Game, Brett Bech, a strength and conditioning coach for the Cowboys, felt compelled to give back and came to his four daughters with a generous propostition. He would allow the girls to each make a donation of $200 to the charity of their choice.

Pippy was eager to seal the deal following the Cowboys’ victory and deliver her contribution to her favorite nonprofit. The budding philanthropist new right away GRACE was to be her fortunate recipient; she and her mother often explore our store for older, out of print books. We were touched and delighted upon her arrival. Not only did she come to us with a check, but a beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully messaged card which reads:

Hello!! My name is Pippy. I am eight years old. My Papa told me to pick someone to give $200 to. I chose y’all. May God bless y’all and use it well.

In Christ,

Pippy Bech


In her mother, Cheri Bech’s, words, “We are extremely grateful for Grace in our beautiful town and for all of their wonderful workers! Thank you all for making Pippy feel so good about giving. I’m quite certain Pippy will remember this and how she enjoyed “helping”. We will pray for God to multiply this gift and bless everyone involved in Grace.”

Keep up the amazing work, Pippy and Bech Family! We are touched and impressed with your act of kindness in lending a loving hand to families who very much need your help. We thank the Lord for your sweet, giving heart, and thank you for choosing to partner with GRACE.