Stan Pirzchalski and his son-in-law Kino pictured at their festive family home in Colleyville.


For over 18 years, a Colleyville man has invited people into his home to get a peek into his passion while simultaneously collecting toys to contribute to GRACE.  In 2000, Stan and Karen Pirzchalski hosted their inaugural Pirzchalsky Holiday Open House where children of all ages are invited to experience their MDAK Model Railroad in action!  But don’t be fooled by the fact this railroad is miniature as this tiny world of his is nothing short of tremendous in detail, action and fun.

Stan and Karen Pirzchalski married in 1987, and it was not long after Stan explained his plan to build a model railroad in their home.  To his delight, Karen was not only on board with the idea, but thrilled as she had wanted her own model railroad her whole life.  Her parents always gave her dolls to play with as a child, but now the time had come to fulfill a lifelong dream for them both.

What began as a 4′ by 8′ project quickly escalated to building an additional 2,000 square feet of space to their home solely dedicated to the MDAK Model Railroad.  The railroad name is derived from the manner in which Stan addressed his letters to his sweetheart — “My Darling Angel Karen.”

Over the past almost 19 years, the Pirzchalski home has greeted over 2,800 individuals from all over the world.  Stan knows this thanks to his guest book.  From folks with The National Model Railroad Association to neighborhood children, anyone and everyone is an invited and welcomed guest in their home.  The only price for admission is guests are asked to please bring a child’s toy to donate to the GRACE Christmas Cottage, but there is absolutely no obligation.


Sadly, Karen passed away in 2007 following a 22 year battle with breast cancer.  In the Spirit of the Christmas Season, Stan and his family continued to proudly hold the Annual Holiday Open House benefitting GRACE.  Each Christmas he encourages children of all ages to come and walk the perimeter of his miniature train world, and be on the lookout for monkeys, cats, dogs and many other animals and people.  The sounds of cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, even thunder, fill the room along with the chugging trains.  There are animated figures of painters, kids playing, men chopping wood, and animals of all sorts to be found.

So come on out this year as the Pirzchalskis keep the Spirit of Christmas, Karen, and railroad enthusiasts alive at their 19th Annual Holiday Open House.  The details can be found in the flyer below.  Again, there is no obligation, but the donation of unwrapped childrens’ toy are greatly appreciated.

We are profoundly grateful for the Pirzchalski family and all those who have contributed over the years.  These are the type of folks that we here are GRACE are so very humbled to call our family!