Results are still coming in from yesterday’s North Texas Giving Day. This graphic shows the growth of the event over the last 9  years.

The results are in, and as usual we are both humbled and blown away! Yesterday’s North Texas Giving Day raised nearly $61,572 for GRACE.

Thank you for making time in your busy day to log onto the North Texas Giving Day website and make a gift, or to visit one of the many North Texas Giving Day events throughout the region and make your voice heard.

Our special thanks go out to Judy and Tom Hund for providing a $10,000 match for donors giving to GRACE. The Hund’s gift inspired Ken Thompson to give another $10,000 as a match.

GRACE joins dozens of other agencies in thanking all of the donors who came together for North Texas Giving Day. Your gifts make a tremendous impact on so many missions.

In addition to raising funds for area charities, North Texas Giving Day also promotes volunteerism. For all of you who volunteer, give and pray for GRACE any other day of the year, your support truly guides this agency.

GRACE is only the channel through which your generosity helps those in need. On behalf of the clients you allow us to serve, thank you for making a lasting difference in the community.