people-on-a-video-call-4226122Volunteers are essential in ensuring that GRACE can provide quality services to our local community. These committed community members go above and beyond to help everyone they interact with experience a piece of GRACE.

To start the process of partnering with GRACE on this level, those interested are asked to sign up for a new volunteer orientation session. These sessions are usually held in person and cover all things GRACE.

However, with the current state of the world GRACE is making adjustments to stay ahead of the times and still offer quality service and support to our community. Accordingly, GRACE’s Volunteer Manager, Alicia Fike, started to coordinate volunteer orientations via Zoom.

During the first GRACE Zoom Volunteer Orientation, Alicia was joined by eleven excited individuals who were extremely appreciative that this was an option.

Over the call, prospective volunteers learn about the GRACE mission and history as well as covering all services and programs that GRACE provides to clients. The orientation also spotlights GRACE resale shops, GRACEful Buys and Style & GRACE, as well as Donation Station—one of the most popular sites for volunteer groups. Upcoming special events are also highlighted during this time.
We are excited to host our next Zoom volunteer orientation on 5/21/2020 at 3 pm.

For more information or questions about volunteer opportunities or the orientation process, please email GRACE Volunteer Manager, Alicia Fike, or calling 817-305-4655.