GRACE’s ability to offer a high degree of accountability and integrity is largely due to the tenure of the GRACE Board of Directors.

The collective expertise of the GRACE Board is second to none, and GRACE is pleased to welcome two new community leaders to the slate: Mike Hamlin and Traci Hutton!

Mike Hamlin

Grapevine Police Department

After serving for three years as the assistant chief of police of the Grapevine Police Department, Mike Hamlin took over for Eddie Salame as the Grapevine chief of police in April of last year.

Hamlin came to Grapevine in 2015 from North Richland Hills after serving 30 years as the assistant police chief there. He said what attracted him to Grapevine was the number of diverse events and activities the city participates in and how he would be able to be a part of that.

“I thought that would be a good fit, and at the same time learning a different culture, still learning a different way of doing business from a different perspective,” he said. “I’d heard a great deal about the community support, and it is truly amazing. This community, like many others, just pours out. It’s almost to the point of they don’t need a reason, they just show up on your front door with a thousand cookies or something, so it is amazing.”

Traci Hutton

Traci D. Hutton, Attorney

Traci Hutton is a Grapevine lawyer, through and through — a long-time resident of north central Texas. From her offices in Grapevine, Texas, Ms. Hutton represents clients in family law cases with complex marital assets. She has built a successful career while raising her three children.

Traci Hutton took a nontraditional path to law. For more than 20 years she was a small business owner involved in every aspect of running a business.  Her undergraduate studies were in finance, and in 2000, with three children, she graduated from law school and began to combine her business acumen and the law as a family law, estate planning and business litigation lawyer.

GRACE is tremendously honored that these two individuals would invest in GRACE by lending their time, insight and talents.