If you have not already, meet JoAnne Quintero and Lucy Tadrous, GRACE Family! Both ladies joined the GRACE Team in 2018 – Lucy as our Accounting Associate and JoAnne as our Accounting Assistant. Our staff and volunteers could not love and appreciate these tremendous women more. Humble, diligent, talented, kind and fun are just a few of the qualities these personalities bring to mind, and they are each crucial to just about everything that goes on at GRACE.


JoAnne Quintero (pictured above) and her family moved to Dallas in the summer of 2015. She is grateful to be the mother of three amazing son – Austin, Dylan, and Eron – who she describes as each so very unique in their own ways. Her eldest, Austin, joined the United States Marine Corps and is currently serving in Japan. Pet lovers at heart, the family is constantly entertained by their dog and cat.

Her professional life has also been equally blessed, and previously enjoyed a lifelong career in Automotive Dealership accounting. Let’s hear in her own words:

I believe my walk with God led me on the journey to find GRACE.  That alone has fulfilled me and my cup has “runneth over.” I was initially fearful and anxious in deciding to leave a career from which I have been part of even in my childhood. With my faith strong, though, I entered the doors of GRACE knowing my God was here and calling me to come to him. I was immediately set at ease by Teresa, Melissa, Pam, and Shonda’s kindness, graciousness, and gratefulness. Being here has fulfilled me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I am at a place where I can give 100+% of myself and know it is being given to God’s stewards for his plans.  Any aspect of this place where I can, even in a small way, help someone else would have to be my favorite thing about GRACE. I love that GRACE gives me the opportunity to help in all areas, even if only in small ways, and that this work helps someone else in ways even I cannot imagine. Allowing me to help others even if it is just sweeping the floor or cleaning up the kitchen after an event to allowing me to be creative with writing a Thank You letter. Those things allow and encourage me to be humble while also exploring the creative aspect of my personality. You can see the goodness in others from those that selflessly and tirelessly work to help a client coming in for food, clothing, shelter, and medical care, to those that work to explain GRACE and share our passions with potential donors, to the people that coordinate the events and make them special, and to those that do all the various tasks to make GRACE and our clients successful. These are my favorite things….thank you to everyone at GRACE and to everyone who generously donates to GRACE; Your acts of kindness have inspired me every day to walk in a deeper relationship with God and to be the best version of myself I can be!

Lucy Tadrous was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. Her family moved from Egypt to Qatar, then finally moved to Colleyville in 2013. She and her beloved husband have precious twins, a son, George, and a daughter, Meray. They are currently sophomores in High School. Lucy enjoys watching her son play soccer and listening to her daughter play the guitar.

I love what I do as an accountant. I spent over 13 years of my life with this career. So proud to be a member in the GRACE family because of the way it effects people’s life.

Lucy Tadrous