We are delighted to announce our Second Quarter MVP is GRACE Food Pantry Assistant Manager, Keith Hills!  Keith was nominated based on exceptional customer service, outstanding attitude, excellence in Mission, and interdepartmental relations and teamwork.

He is a spot-on example of the GRACE Mission and Core Values.  When you take notice of Keith in action you immediately see the values of compassion, respect, excellence, service and stewardship.

His priority is customer service, making sure our clients are taken care of.  However, he also makes sure just about everyone he encounters is taken care of.  He jumps in and lends a helping hand when he sees help is needed – before you can even ask for help.

The commitment he shows to not only his work, but to his colleagues, our clients, volunteers and donors, is commendable.  Keith always makes certain people are just taken care of.  He always has such wise, faith-filled words to offer and a smile to light up the room.

Keith Hills is a wonderful servant leader and what a blessing it is to have him on our GRACE Team.  Keith is one of everyone’s favorite people; when you meet him you immediately understand why.  Congratulations to you, Keith, on this much deserved recognition!



Each month, the GRACE staff meets to share a time of fellowship and catch up with everything that is going on around the agency.  One of the last items on each month’s agenda is a time to share “kudos”… a verbal “pat on the back” for a job well done or a “thank you” for going above and beyond the call of duty.

We’re very proud of the people who work within these walls and have decided to share with everyone the comments made each month.  We hope you enjoy getting a peek inside!

Kudos given during the month of June include:

Jana McGlone to Rusty Thigpen

Jamé Scott to Teresa Williamson and Shonda Schaefer

Kathy Mize to Pam Basiloy, Dina Pesina, Teresa Williamson and Melissa Simpkins

Lara Hohweiler to all staff who volunteered at FÜDTRUKY