Jaela R.

“My granddaughter wrote an essay about the wonderful way you Bless families at Thanksgiving and all year round. She encouraged me to donate. God Bless y’all.”

With that message, James M. gave a very generous gift to GRACE. At the very same time, Kayleigh R. wrote in: “My cousin Jaela wrote an amazing essay about y’all and it inspired me to donate.”

Curiosity struck. We reached out to Jaela’s mother, Angela R. “Jaela had heard of [GRACE] because several years ago her dad, James R., was a volunteer in your clinic. She fell in the love with the idea of giving baskets of ingredients as well as food because her favorite part of Thanksgiving is everyone together cooking. That won her over and she wrote an essay on why she had chosen GRACE as the organization to receive her grandfather’s donation.

“She researched several charities and GRACE was one she had on her list to look into. After sharing it with other family members they also donated. She’s nine years old and her heart is so full right now!”

When complimented on Jaela’s thoughtfulness and generous outlook on life, Angela said, “She’s had lots of help growing with a kind heart.”

[Jaela’s essay is included here in its entirety. The only edits were to include a standard reference for GRACE, and minor paragraphing-ED]

More Than Food
by Jaela R.

Thanksgiving is more than just food. It’s a special holiday where family and friends build joy and memories together. I love watching and helping my family cook a wonderful meal, but they are cooking more than food. They are making happiness.

When I was given the important job of researching organizations for a Thanksgiving donation, I was looking for an organization that would let families not only fill their tummy but fill their hearts.

GRACE in Grapevine Texas is close by and met all my requirements. After talking to a representative on the phone, I discovered that they provide baskets of food for families to prepare together. They give flour, sugar, butter, for baking sweets. They also give potatoes, vegetables, ingredients to make stuffing and, of course, a turkey.

I like that GRACE lets families eat in their homes and not in a group meal. I also like that they offered other services like summer meals, medical treatments, school supplies and a Christmas program.

I wanted to make sure the money donated would be used for the needy so I researched the Financial Performances Metrics. GRACE uses 4.6% to pay staff and administration. I found other charities with lower and higher percentages, but they didn’t provide as good of a meal or the opportunity to cook together as a family.

There are lots of places that provide food at Thanksgiving. I am glad so many do, but GRACE was special because it gives the chance to make Thanksgiving memories. I hope you will agree that by donating to GRACE you are giving joy, happiness and the priceless gift of memories.

[Thank you, kind heart. GRACE is honored by your bright thoughts and wonderful words.]