Home Depot3

Home Depot Operations Manager Jin Lee (standing) and his team renovate walk ways for Friends & Family clients.

The women and men in the orange t-shirts have done it again! Ops Manager Jin Lee and his squad at our favorite Home Depot in Southlake met at the home of a couple enrolled in the GRACE Friends & Family program.

As with all our clients, we are very protective of their privacy, but both husband and wife have suffered strokes in recent years. The Mr. needs a power wheelchair to get around, and the Mrs. uses a walker.

Needless to say, mobility was an extreme issue for this couple. The Home Depot team—in 95 degree heat—spent the day making repairs to surrounding pavement, leveling walkway areas, securing wood planks and side posts, and  covering it all in AstroTurf.

Jin and his helpers plan on returning in the cooler weather to do a bit more – strengthen an entry ramp, and other renovations. Home Depot has worked on several projects for our Friends & Family program.

Friends & Family serves clients who are elderly or homebound. The centerpiece of the program is volunteer matching that partners a dedicated volunteer with someone in the community in need. Oftentimes, the assistance includes repairs to the home. That is where Home Depot comes in.

The next project for Home Depot involves a GRACE client—a military veteran—who needs extensive renovation including lots of materials and manpower.

Contact Christine Szymaszek for more information about Friends & Family.