The Grapevine Rotary generously granted funds to purchase equipment that was lost in the fire.  The GRACE Community Clinic received $5,700 towards laptops, a specimen refrigerator, an education laptop and projector for the Community Clinic and vinyl basket “trucks” for the food pantry.

The Grapevine Rotary’s generous donation will provide three new laptops – this technology will help the GRACE community clinic operations remain efficient which allows GRACE to provide competent and comprehensive services to our clients.

The temporary food pantry requires that space located on two floors be used for sorting, receiving and shelving food.  Product has to be moved between the two floors and the carts GRACE currently use are very old and dilapidated – new carts from Grapevine Rotary will enhance the process for the food pantry to ensure that GRACE clients are able to receive fresh food.

The clinic’s specimen fridge was damaged in the fire too.  The clinic was granted through the Grapevine Rotary a mini-refrigerator to keep specimens at the necessary temperature until testing.

GRACE also received, from the Grapevine Rotary, funds to purchase a laptop and projector that will enable GRACE to continue its health education classes. Nearly half of all patients at GRACE Community Clinic are in a diabetic or pre-diabetic condition (48%).  According to the American Diabetes Association, effective therapy can prevent or delay the complications associated with diabetes.  GRACE offers education so that patients can choose a healthier lifestyle.

GRACE is so appreciative of the support it receives from the Grapevine Rotary.