The GRACE Food Pantry is combating the COVID-19 outbreak with ample provisions of food, hygiene supplies, infant needs, and pet food for GRACE clients.
In order to lessen face-to-face contacts as much as possible, early last week the Food Pantry began disbursing provisions by drive-thru. Clients are directed to pull through the Food Pantry parking lot and receive a week’s worth of groceries.
Dietary restrictions and food preferences are served by request. Additional cleaning supplies, hygiene materials, and other needs are provided as needed.
Food Drives, usually a reliable mainstay for gathering food and supplies for the Food Pantry, are being discouraged for the time being to honor social distancing recommendations. However, grocery store donations are still being made, and Food Pantry staff members continue to fulfill pick-up arrangements.
The Food Pantry is working closely with the Tarrant Area Food Bank and other resources to supplement food inventory, as needed. Senior Food Commodities, a service directed through the Food Pantry to deliver grocery supplies to the homes of elderly patients, is continuing with the added responsibility to observe and ask about the health and well-being of our older clients as food is being delivered.
The Take One Leave One (TOLO) boxes located at GRACE sites on East Walnut Street and on Shady Brook Drive are being promoted for neighborhood use. The Food Pantry monitors the volume of food stuff available in the TOLO boxes and refills the boxes as needed.
GRACE is continuing to seek sources to help fight back against COVID-19. Here’s how others can help:
  • Inspire others to join you. Share this email or share our Facebook post with a personal note about helping out in this disaster. I think you’ll find others are anxious just like you to do something to help. Those new to GRACE can sign up automatically to receive GRACE e-news here.
  • Pray for our clients, their families, and others who are struggling with disease, or the financial impact the illness is causing. Pray for each other, and an end to the suffering and fear.
For information about GRACE, or the GRACE Food Pantry, contact Keith Hills at 817-305-4677