Thank you to our wonderful Gala Co-Chairs, Kimberly and Brent Tipps, and Emcee of the evening, Laura Harris, for making the 16th Annual GRACE Gala one we will not forget!  From the unforgettable opening song of ‘Amazing Grace’ by Rocco and Frankie Leoni, to the beautiful selfie wall that so many posed in front of, to the Walton Stout Band for cranking out the party jams — we are thankful to you and everyone who made this night meaningful start to finish!

GRACE Board of Directors President, Paul Bischler, announces Lynda and Robert Warner as the 2019 Angel of GRACE Award recipients.

We are so very grateful for Pastors Cyd and Ricky Texada of Covenant Church for attending and leading our Invocation.  Auctioneer Mike Jones led the lively and generous Live Auction – one of the many highlights of the evening.  To mention another high point of the evening includes a grand congratulations to Lynda and Robert Warner, our Angel of GRACE  Award recipients for 2019!

Kimberly and Brent Tipps, owners of the BoomerJack’s Restaurants, fulfill their honor as our 2019 Gala Co-Chairs.

A special thanks also goes to our Gala Committee: Katina Aceves, Sarah Armand, Kayla Bankhead, Pam Basiloy, Leslie Casey, Beth Chernik, Traci Coy, Michelle Davis, Wade Diebold, Ana Erwin, Alicia Fike, Laura Grosskopf, Amy Hamilton, Lara Hohweiler, Artemis Kourosh, Melissa Maraki, Daveen Miller, Sheila Moyer, Shannon O’Brien, Jacqueline Phillips, JoAnne Quintero, Ryan Reed, Shonda Schaefer, Melissa Simpkins, Sheryl Smith, Samantha Stevens, Lucy Tadrous, Brent Tipps, Kimberly Tipps, Roni Townson, Tina De Vincenzo, Lynda Warner, Robert Warner, Julie Weisert, Teresa Williamson, Lindsay Williford and Mark Woolverton.

From everyone who bid on an auction package, donated to Fund-A-Need, purchased raffle tickets or to those who have kept our clients in your prayers, we thank YOU!

Now it’s time to start planning for Gala 2020! And we already are…

Click here to view our Facebook photo album. An enormous thank you to photographer Corey Collins of Captured Collective for these gorgeous photos!