We hope everyone had a spectacular Fourth of July!  GRACE Family, you are firecrackers!  You light up our community with your actions.

Let’s keep the flame of liberty and hope burning high and bright.  Let’s revel in the spirit of fraternity each day and night.  Let peace be the one and only way, through which we accomplish every aim.

Let us never forget the sweat, toil and sacrifices of the brave souls that fought and served for the pride and peace of our nation.  Let’s celebrate our heroes for all the incredible sacrifices they made to bring us this holiday and our liberty.

As we celebrate our freedom, let us remember those who laid down their lives for us, taking time to remember those who worked hard to ensure a better future for us.  Independence is the most precious gift one can enjoy.  Take time and understand what independence means to you.

This holiday let’s pay homage to the souls whose sacrifices have made this day a reality.  We hold steadfast the prayer to craft beautiful tomorrows for ourselves and our neighbors.  Let’s make a promise to lead our communities, cities and nation on a path of prosperity & peace.


We thank you for the sacrifices and work you freely give to our people, our organization and our mission to ensure independence, hope and freedom for others.  Let’s continue to burn brightly, continue to count our blessings, continue to appreciate our freedom, and continue to give!