Meet Stephen Reynolds, GRACE’s new Food Pantry Assistant. Stephen retired after 24 years in the world of academia as a mathematics teacher and tutor.

He first learned about GRACE after his wife, Sharon, started working at GRACEful Buys Euless. He was so impressed by the scope of services, particularly meeting the tangible needs at the Food Pantry, that he left retirement for continued service to children and their parents.

Stephen is responsible for coordinating food pickups from grocers and other partners, and of course, counting the food inventory for quick distribution. It’s important to weigh and make an account of each donation quickly so it makes it to the shelves long before the expiration date.

In addition to coordinating pickups, the Food Pantry works hard to meet public health guidelines and offers maintenance support to GRACE facilities.

When Stephen first arrived, he was most notably surprised by frequency of groups and families who drop off donations “almost serendipitously” to supplement the daily needs at the Food Pantry.

“Throughout the day, people drop off bags of groceries and canned goods at our doorstep,” said Stephen, “it’s nice to know that every day, people are thinking of other families who need help.”

Welcome to the team, Stephen!