A face known to nearly all GRACEful Buys’ shoppers, Fernando Trevino received the GRACE MVP Award for the 4th Quarter of 2019.

The honor for excellence in Mission, Vision and Practice for the GRACE 4th Quarter of 2019 was awarded to Fernando Trevino at the Wednesday, January 8 GRACE All-Staff Meeting.

The GRACE MVP Award is given quarterly to recognize exceptional customer service, outstanding attitude, innovative thinking, interdepartmental relations/teamwork and excellence in mission. These are, by the way, the very traits that have made Fernando an icon at GRACEful Buys Grapevine, where he is the assistant manager.

“Fernando has given many years of dedicated service to GRACE, and he does so with a smile and a helping hand,” said GRACE’s Director of Administration Melissa Simpkins. “He has a strong, steady spirit, and provides a welcomed calming influence.”

A leader on the GRACEful Buys team, Fernando is known by many shoppers for his great customer service. Whether short-handed or fully-staffed, at any time Fernando may be found helping load a couch or a recliner for a customer, or rolling new merchandise onto the showroom floor.

His dedication goes well beyond the store setting, too.

“When asked to help with situations outside his own site,” said Melissa. “He is always willing to say ‘yes’ and make it happen.”

Melissa continued, “It is a pleasure to work alongside this man and we couldn’t imagine GRACE without him!” Well said, and well-earned Fernando!