Times of tragedy always remind us of the grace our community extends to those in need, and their gifts give us the confidence to promise families material blessings while they overcome hardship.

In just one business day on December 31, Donation Station accepted 327 year-end donations on behalf of families in need! If all the cars lined from end to end it the cars would stretch 1 MILE (if you question whether that’s very long, have you run a mile lately?) The day’s totals accounted for more than a third of items for the entire month!


Our Donation Station facility houses items such as clothing, housewares, linens, toys and books given by the community to provide assistance to those in the midst of job loss, illness or other emergency.

Your item donations give hope when families wonder how they’ll be able to afford back-to-school clothes, work boots or interview attire. The items also supply our Transitional Housing program with goods on hand for those seeking shelter.  

Many donations are also funneled into our resale operations, which generate revenue to continue programs such as our Community Clinic (which served 200 clients last month) and Food Pantry (which supplied 810 clients with over $77,000 in food last month).


Shop at Our Stores

Providing continual care rests much on the success of our resale operations. We recently launched a third location, a second GRACEful Buys in Euless. The GRACE family is encouraged to shop at these best-kept secrets for the best deals on furniture, clothing, home goods and more.

Meet the Huge Need for Volunteers

The multitudes of items we receive require stewardship, strategy, and elbow grease to ensure the products are directed where they will be most useful. Businesses, Church congregations and civic groups find great satisfaction after volunteering at Donation Station, and many individuals are needed to support our resale staff on a weekly or part time basis. 

No retail experience is required to volunteer, and all volunteers will receive ample training. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Lara Hohweiler, Volunteer Manager at volunteer@GRACEGrapevine.org.

We have been entrusted by the community to meet the ranging needs of those facing crisis—from shelter to  food, to the clothes on their back. There would be no way we could offer unique support without the advocacy of our community. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!