When Dallas Police Officer Brian Nolff worked security for a private event, he never would have guessed the impact it would make in the lives of children two years later.

It began with a holiday affair, whose host asked attendees to bring a Christmas gift for children in need as entry to the private party. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances caused the donation to a national charity to fall through.

By complete happenstance, the toys were entrusted to Officer Nolff to find good homes in the Dallas area, a project he executed without hesitation. The experience made such an impression on him that he wanted to do more.

“When we gave toys to underprivileged children in our area, it was apparent that some children were getting a new gift for the first time,” said Officer Nolff. “I also wanted to give [families] something that was useful throughout the year.”

During what officers call “Crime Watch Meetings,” an immersive program that involves getting to know residents in neighborhoods must vulnerable to crime, Office Nolff noticed the state of children’s shoes.

“Some children didn’t even have shoes,” remembered Nolff.

So he went to DFW retailers to collect brand new shoes, which he strategically collected in the middle of the year, when many holiday gifts or ‘Christmas bonus’ shoes would have worn out.

Officer Nolff was put in touch with GRACE Church Partner, Rich Green, Care & Support Pastor of Compass Christian Church, who directed the donations to benefit families through GRACE.

Thanks to this donation, new shoes will be given to 95 children this summer! Officer Nolff is quick to point out that this isn’t the end of his collection campaign to serve children. Thanks to Officer Nolff for his selflessness both on duty and off the clock.

Officer Nolff also works with Crime Intervention Team (CIT), an initiative designed to educate law enforcement about mental illness as it relates to homelessness.