The local Postal Service delivered more than our mail at the Food Pantry this month. Volunteers and postal workers collected bags of groceries as part of a national campaign to Stamp Out Hunger. Empty bags were left at homes to be filled with food to go to the GRACE Food Pantry and local food banks.

The community collected 4,518 pounds of groceries—that’s more than the weight of a rhinoceros!

Rather than being shipped to some regional distribution center miles away all the food collected by the community goes back to homes in their neighborhoods and cities.

The gift came just in time, as the Food Pantry inventory was running low, and the shelves a bit more sparse than usual. We can always count on this wonderful community to meet the daily needs of families who seek haven at GRACE.

Every can of food or gallon of milk this community collects gives nourishment, encouragement and sustainability to those facing hardship.

To our neighbors who so generously gave their resources to meet the physical needs of families facing difficulty, we are sincerely appreciative. Every donation counts!

Missed the collection drive with the Postal Service?

GRACE keeps an updated Food Pantry Needs list on our homepage. Keep local families in mind the next time you visit the grocery store, and we can work to “stamp” out hunger together!