Kids may still enjoy long, lazy days poolside or at summer camp, but GRACE Clothing Room Coordinator, Dina Pesina, is busy gearing up the GRACE Clothing Room for Back-to-School clothing needs.

Currently, The Clothing Room urgently needs underwear for boys sizes 4, 6/8, 10/12 & 14/16; girls sizes 12, 14 & 16; girls teen sizes and womens size 5. We always are in great need of children’s shoes (preferably new) in all sizes.  Because kids outgrow shoes quickly, Dina always needs to keep a number of extra shoes in stock.  Her team of volunteers spends many hours polishing and cleaning gently worn shoes so that they will shine in time for school.  Socks are another much-needed item on our list as well.

Last year, Dina estimates that GRACE served over 800 “little kids” (up to 14 years of age), over 150 teenage girls and over 100 teenage boys heading back for the school year.  She expresses her concern in the lack of shoes for children, hoping we can continue to give every child one pair of shoes, and the desperate need for children’s socks, underwear and light jackets.  The packets she and her volunteers prepare for each child, which she attempts to include one new item in each, cannot be completed without these necessities.  The Clothing Room needs thousands of all sizes of children’s underwear so that each packet can include at least three pairs where five would be preferable.

If you are a student looking for a service project this summer or a leader looking for a great group project, then please consider holding a clothing drive for the GRACE Clothing Room.  Contact GRACE Development and Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Armand, for information about how your group can help.  To ask about current Clothing Room needs, please contact Dina Pesina at 817-305-4646.