One of the most crucial essentials to financial security is reliable transportation.  For many individuals, lack of transportation is the first and often final straw in crises that cause job insecurity, housing loss, hunger, and increasing difficulty.

Currently three women who are GRACE Transitional Housing participants entered into our program without means of transportation.  One of the three was in an accident that not only totaled her car, but also took away her “home” and her income as she lived and worked as a transportation app driver from her car.

This is just one example of the many transportation crises we see.  Not to mention the endless problems that a one-car family face who experience costly repairs, the repercussions of a “lemon,” or simply the troubles brought about as a car dies before the ability to purchase another is possible.  Some families, such as single mothers or fathers, have a difficult time even purchasing a car and maintaining other bills.

Car donations are crucial in ensuring individuals and families have reliable transportation to work and school, so they are able to increase their earning potential, make their rent or take their children to day care.

Do you have a car to donate?

If you are able to provide a mode of transportation, or have any resources available to help our clients, please contact GRACE Chief Program Officer, Stacy Pacholick. All car donations will benefit GRACE families based on need.