GRACE Director of Finance and Operations Teresa Williamson is the Fourth Quarter MVP.

The Fall Season at GRACE was marked with great successes, including a wonderful GRACE Gala in October, terrific increases in sales at GRACEful Buys and Style & GRACE, cherished Thanksgiving and Christmas meal baskets given through at the GRACE Food Pantry, a merry holiday season at GRACE Christmas Cottage, and many other beneficial activities and events.

Every season has a most valuable player, and the Fall Season was championed by Teresa Williamson, GRACE director of finance and operations.

Teresa received the Fourth Quarter MVP Award at the January GRACE Staff meeting this week. All the more impressive, Teresa achieved her MVP status before reaching her first anniversary with GRACE.

Teresa started with GRACE in late-January 2016, but in the words of GRACE Human Resources Director Melissa Simpkins, “that hasn’t stopped [her] from figuring out how to do just about everything.”

“Not knowing, or not having an answer is just not an option,” said Melissa. “[Teresa] will go the extra mile every single time to do what is needed to get the job done.”

Teresa’s responsibilities encompass all financial and accounting activities, from budgeting and tracking monthly revenues and expenses, to working with external auditors and completing the Form 990 for the Internal Revenue Service. As operations director, her purview extends to managing the physical sites housing all GRACE activities, including the resale stores, transitional housing and the clinic/pantry.

“[Teresa] puts in lots of extra hours,” said Melissa, “to make sure the job is not only done, but done as perfectly as possible.”

“[Teresa] is always willing to help fellow GRACE teammates,” said Melissa. “She is passionate about the mission of GRACE and doing all she can in her role to make sure the mission is accomplished as best as possible.”

True to Teresa’s humble nature, her response was, “Thank you again, but there is no way I could have done anything without the help of the GRACE family!”

“You can always count on [Teresa], without fail,” according to her award citation. “And she has done a fantastic job during her first year providing great knowledge and experience to help take GRACE to the next level when it comes to finance and operations.”

The quarterly MVP Award is given to the GRACE staff member who exhibits exceptional customer service, outstanding attitude, innovative thinking, interdepartmental relations/teamwork and excellence in mission.

If you would like to congratulate Teresa on her MVP Award, just come to the GRACE main office or email twilliamson@gracegrapevine.org.