Linda and Terry Steele volunteer regularly with GRACE and they are longtime supporters of our mission. Terry is a former Board Member and continues to be a member of the Advisory Board.

Linda and Terry are incredibly generous with their time and money, regularly making donations and volunteering to deliver food to seniors monthly with the commodities program. In addition, they are matched with a senior for transportation in the Friends and Family Program, have facilitated corporate support for GRACE and have even personally donated funds to buy new carts for the Food Pantry, where they are regular volunteers.

On Friday, May 18, GRACE was expecting a large amount of food to be delivered to the Food Pantry and needed help from its volunteers. Linda and Terry immediately agreed to be there. May 18 is a special day for them because on May 18, 1968, at 1:00 pm, Linda was walking down the aisle to be married to Terry. Every year since then, exactly at that time, Terry has told Linda how he remembers that day and hour.

This year, they celebrated their 50th Anniversary by volunteering in our Food Pantry. The GRACE Team surprised them with a small celebration (which of course took place at 1:00 pm!). When asked why they volunteer as often as they do, and especially on their anniversary, they replied that when they wake up in the morning and finish their daily home routine, they ask themselves if they want to help someone that day and they go volunteer. What an incredible example and perfect celebration of 50 years of giving to each other and helping others! Congratulations Terry and Linda!