In recent days the plight of the “working poor” has been highlighted to reveal a sinister reality for many low-income families in our country and our neighborhoods.

The “working poor” are defined as employees whose total income falls below the poverty level, and comprise 6.3% of all individuals in the labor force.  

Nearly half of all GRACE clients are the “working poor”, whose paycheck-to-paycheck cycle potentially sends families with unexpected bills into a downward spiral without intervention. This is especially true for workers who do not have paid time off and have to take a pay cut when their child gets the flu, for instance.  

What’s even more alarming is that a great majority—80%of all GRACE client households are headed by women, meaning there are many single mothers working long shifts, often facing hardships alone.  

Of the 5,100 individuals GRACE serves on average each year, 44% are children.

Despite the trials that low-income families face, their community has stood between the gap to ensure these children receive food, clothing, shelter and medical attention. Over the last six years 248,545 lunches have been served through GRACE to at-risk children, as well as 8,288 bundles of clothing and 10,800 pairs of shoes over the last five years.

During times of uncertainty for families in our midst, GRACE will continue to be a facilitator of God’s people to provide essentials to parents and children, so that they have the opportunity to achieve great things in a healthy family environment.

We ask for your continued prayers on behalf of those we serve, and that we are wise stewards of the community’s resources.

You can be part of what GRACE is doing by donating online or giving your time through volunteer service.