img_1457Members of White’s Chapel United Methodist Church came to GRACE a few weeks ago to begin a ceiling-to-floor renovation of a Transitional Housing apartment.

More than a dozen volunteers, guided by White’s Chapel FaithWorks Mission and Outreach pastor, Rev. Dara Austin, completely renovated and outfitted the apartment, one of nine units and an office off Main Street in Grapevine.

“A dedicated cadre of volunteers took over [GRACE Transitional Housing],” said GRACE Director of Programs Stacy Pacholick.  “[They] worked for weeks to repair and renovate the apartment.  This was a complete ‘make over’!”

Several very skilled workers joined the group to aid in carpentry, rebuilding and flooring so needed in the aging unit. Once the renovations were completed, the group went about the task of furnishing and outfitting the apartment for its next resident.

While some of the furnishings came from the stock GRACE keeps on hand for Transitional Housing, many key pieces of furniture and appliances were donated by White’s Chapel.

“Dara and her crew had chairs and a sofa donated. They brought in a new refrigerator and a stove, and all new housewares,” said Stacy. “White’s Chapel has been a very good friend to GRACE on many occasions. We are so excited they have taken on such a big project for us.”

GRACE Transitional Housing provides long-term assistance and case management for homeless women, children and families working toward becoming self-sufficient.

The program provides a safe, nurturing environment that allows the client the capacity to recover and develop the skills needed to succeed. The program is available to the families for a minimum of six months and maximum of two years.

GRACE Transitional Housing is currently interviewing a possible candidate for the program. With the White’s Chapel renovation going so well, said Stacy, “we are hoping to get her into the apartment by Christmas.”

On her behalf, said Stacy, “thanks so much to the White’s Chapel volunteers who kindly donated their hard work and materials to complete this awesome work. We are very grateful!”

For more information about the GRACE Transitional Housing program call 817-305-4636.