Community is a powerful force. This week when our busiest Feed Our Kids site ran out of food to meet the high demand, local businesses and volunteers stepped up to ensure that every child received a meal that day.

When GRACE called upon Wise Guys to make ten pizzas in fifteen minutes, there was no hesitation. Little did we realize they were in the midst of hosting a beneficiary event for the Grapevine Fire Department, which created a standing room only crowd of patrons at the pizzeria.

Despite it being their first time this year on-site, Community Impact and Gaylord Texan were also more than happy to alleviate the shortage by donating a portion of their supplies to the sister site.

Volunteers made calls, ran errands and gathered paper goods and boxes of pizza, bags of chips and napkins with a few cookies to spare. Everyone put their heads together to find solutions, like collecting the first batch of pizza pies so the children could begin eating while it was still hot.

It’s times like these when we are reminded what an incredible community we are a part of when there is a need to meet.

For those who don’t have the luxury of witnessing these daily acts of benevolence at GRACE, know that your investment means more than you know to a family grasping for hope in a difficult situation.

We appreciate the local businesses and residents who braved the heat and pulled up their sleeves to make this program possible!