GRACE is excited to introduce our new Stewardship Manager, Jill Norvelle. As Stewardship Manager, Jill acts as the personal side of the GRACE financial team – handling everything related to donor and supporter acknowledgements and tracking, special events support, development support, and campaign reporting.

Jill spent time working in property management, sales, and marketing but once her four kids were old enough she went back to school and got a degree in finance.

 “I found out about the job and was excited because I was able to utilize all my previous work experience and of course, my degree,” Jill said.

“I love keeping up with all the data and little details…which most people don’t like but I love it,” she added laughing.

In her short time with GRACE she’s made a big impact.

“Jill does a lot of different stuff for us…she’s our database guru, she keeps track of accounting, and much more,” said Lara Sundell.

“We’re so glad to have someone so dependable in her positon – it’s important.”

This last year has been a whirlwind for Jill but she has shown true strength and courage, exhibiting the characteristics of true grace that we hold so dear.

“My first day here, my first job in 18 years, I found out that I had cancer,” Jill said.

“Luckily, I was able to have surgery and now I’m healthy and so appreciative of the support everyone at GRACE gave me during that very scary time…don’t avoid cancer prevention screenings, it will save your life,” she added.

Jill lives in Bedford with her family and enjoys gardening, biking, and playing hacky sack with her husband.

“It’s nice working for an organization that I believe in, there’s a purpose behind everything that we do.”

We agree and we are so blessed to have you here, welcome Jill!