The GRACE Family wants to welcome our new Development and Volunteer Coordinator, Heather DeMoss.

Heather has an important job at GRACE considering we rely so heavily on our volunteer force. Ms. DeMoss is in charge of managing our volunteers, coordinating sign up opportunities, sending out volunteer background checks to make sure everyone is safe, conducting orientations, and answering any questions about being a volunteer with our organization.

Heather came to work in the non-profit arena after discovering it in college.

“I was actually studying psychology at the time, but I took an internship at a small counseling center in Dallas and really enjoyed it,” Heather said.

“I developed my appreciation for the non-profit world there, and now I love it.”

Enjoying her role in the development of the organization, Heather said she’s been surprised by the hands on approach management takes here at GRACE.

“I originally applied for a different job but Stacy (Stacy Pacholick, Chief Program Officer) recommended my current position and I got the job,” said Heather.

“I’ve been surprised by how close knit everyone is and it’s awesome to have high level staff working with us day to day, it’s really rare.”

But overall it’s Heather’s work with our army of volunteers that she’s most excited about.

“The GRACE volunteers are so accommodating and helpful…Some have been with us for so long, it’s inspiring to see. I’m excited to continue working with them and working to set up the next generation of volunteers.”

In her free time Heather loves to draw, hang out with friends, and go to concerts.

Thank you for all that you do, Heather!