It is true that our elderly population has an extra measure of wisdom, but many might be surprised to realize that with that longevity comes further hardship.

More often than we realize, seniors risk facing the battles of isolation, hunger and a poor quality of life simply because they are hesitant to accept help or have no loved ones close by. Limited incomes can create excruciating conflicts between essentials such as groceries or vital medications.

GRACE seeks to bridge the gap by providing material assistance in the way of groceries, utility assistance, medical care and emotional support to local seniors in the midst of troubling circumstances.

We’d like to share two options that you can tailor with your time and talents to show love to seniors in a meaningful way.

Deliver Monthly Commodities

Volunteers provide commodities to neighboring seniors once a month. The volunteers meet at the Food Pantry in the morning to pick up kitchen staples, toiletries, small gifts and pertinent information to share with the seniors. The route from start to finish typically lasts an hour and a half.

Those unable to commit to monthly deliveries can also sign up to become substitutes if there is a shortage or special need.  The next commodities date is April 19. Contact Friends & Family Coordinator Maryann Waddell if you’d like to help.

Provide Companionship as a Volunteer Match

Another way to serve at Friends & Family is to become a volunteer match. Volunteers are carefully matched with seniors that are compatible with their personality and schedule.  Some volunteers opt for weekly calls to check on the senior, companionship visits, and the occasional delivery or errand.

Each volunteer role is unique according to the match, and to the extent you are available to serve, there are seniors waiting to get to know you and appreciate you.

Current needs: Wheelchairs, like-new condition

GRACE loves these seniors, and so do the volunteers who get involved in their lives through GRACE! Contact Maryann Waddell to answer any questions and see what might be a good service opportunity for you.